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Formula Photo in F1 Blackbook 2015

Top Banner Graphic_580web If you've ever had the good fortune of stepping into a VIP area or team enclave at an F1 event, you might well have seen an F1 Blackbook on the coffee table. Sent out to sponsors, teams, and key partners in motorsport, the Blackbook is a business companion to F1, Indycar, NASCAR, WEC, WRC, and more. Inside you'll find a trove of information about the sport - the venues, teams, and suppliers. For 2015, Formula Photographic is included in the mix, with a one-page interview strategically tucked next to the Canadian Grand Prix event preview. Interview after the jump... Formula Photographic in the 2015 F1 BlackBook Did you find us through the BlackBook? If so, please send us a note!  

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