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Launch Control: Season 3 Premiere

The 2015 season bring many changes to Subaru Rally Team USA . With the introduction of the new WRX STI model in showrooms, comes a brand new fleet of rally and rallycross cars for the team. For the past six seasons, Formula Photographic Inc. has worked alongside the team, documenting their highs and lows. The award-winning Launch Control web series continues for its third 14-episode season, making it's premiere on May 20th, 2015. Catch new episodes every two weeks on Wednesday at 10am Eastern. On top of the Subaru Rally website, mobile app, and YouTube channel, we're excited to announce that /DRIVE and GT Channel are both carrying the show, along with long time partner, Driving Sports TV across multiple platforms. High-end content production plus widespread distribution = win/win for all involved! Watch more Launch Control HERE!

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